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We offer a wide range of fire suppression services enabling your employees to be trained & Accredited and your business to be fully compliant with current fire safety regulations.

Fire Extinguisher Services

Alpha Fire Protection NI offer a wide range of advice, expertise and fire extinguisher services to businesses in Northern Ireland, ROI and UK.

Every businesses in Northern Ireland is required by law to have functioning firefighting equipment and fire extinguishers. This places a large and unmanageable responsibility on businesses.  

We can assess, install, refill and upgrade your fire extinguishers. With over 35 years in the fire suppression industry, you’re with the experts. We are not tied to one manufacturer of equipment, we only use the highest quality kite marked extinguishers. Ensuring you get the best value from your fire safety equipment.

Fire Safety Equipment

We also offer a huge range of fire suppression systems such as  Fire Extinguishers/Hose Reels/Fire Blankets and auxiliary fire equipment such as smoke alarms. Ensuring your business is completely fire protected, no matter your needs.

Fire Safety Signage

Marking out where fire safety equipment is located and what is contained in fire suppression cabinets is extremely important to the safety of your businesses employees and customers in an emergency situation. 

This why we supply a vast range of fire extinguisher signs and fire Safety Signs, allowing your areas to be visibly marked as safely as possible.

Fire Risk Assessment & Pat Testing

Our engineers are trained to the highest industry standard in fire suppression. Our team has over 35 years experience in fire risk assessment & Pat Testing and are able to work with your business to ensure you are fully compliant.

Fire Safety Training

Our fully accredited team is able to train your staff on site. Allowing your business to be fully fire safety compliant as required by law with as little disruption as possible. 

Our team is available 24hrs a day for emergency call outs as well as 7am -7pm daily for other enquiries.

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To learn more about our range of fire safety services and to enable your business to get completely fire compliant get in touch today.