Fire Risk Assessments & Pat Testing

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Fire Risk Assessments

Since 2010 all businesses in an industrial, commercial, leisure, educational or healthcare premises, are required to take responsibility for ensuring your premises reach the required fire safety standard.
Alpha Fire Protection NI provide fire risk assessments that makes sure your business is legally compliant as well as insured and protected from the risk of fire.

Our fire risk assessments look at your premises in terms of fire safety and risk to life from fire. Our fully qualified and accredited team will carry out your assessment and provide you with an easy to understand report and plan of action. This will show exactly what you need in an understandable way, from here we can also fit your business out with any signage or equipment needed.

Pat Testing

Health and safety regulations in Northern Ireland require that electrical appliances are safe and maintained to prevent harm to workers. Most manufacturers recommend testing at regular intervals to ensure businesses are continually protected.

Alpha Fire Protection NI have a team of fully qualified engineers who ensure our clients staff and premises are kept safe from fire, shock and burns. 

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